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See Japan on a budget

Have you ever wanted to travel to Japan and thought that it’s too expensive?

Have you ever wanted to travel to Japan and thought that it’s too expensive?

By Carole Goldsmith Copyright © 2018 – All rights reserved.

Japan is not expensive, in fact it’s about a third of the price of travelling Australia for accommodation, travel, eating out and lots more.
I have been travelling in Japan for 25 plus years, over 35 trips to do research and write business / travel articles and give lectures.

Preparing for the trip
Before going to Japan, learn a little Japanese language and read about Japanese culture from books and websites. You can also buy some great phrase books for your travels.

This is a great video on Japanese culture done by a Japanese person
I love Japan’s national broadcaster’s NHK’s learn Japanese program. Check it out as you will find learning Japanese an easy task.
10 tips you need to go before flying off to Japan

Here’s some great tips on 10 things you need to know before going to Japan

Getting from Narita (Tokyo) and Kansai (Osaka) International Airports
There are many ways to travel from the airports and I can tell you in my How to travel Japan on a budget course, - the cheapest and fastest way to get yourself to the city.

25 Things to do in Tokyo.
Watch this before you go too, to find out 25 Things to do in Tokyo, as it is very entertaining and informative.

There is a wide range of accommodation for you from hostels, budget to five-star hotels, capsule hotels, internet cafes, regulated Airbnb places to rent, Ryokans, traditional Japanese Inns, some of which are run by Japanese families, or are larger establishments.

Eating out
You can find budget places to eat across Japan from restaurants, mom and pop eateries, to food trucks, markets and convenience stores.  

Japan’s countryside
I love Japan’s countryside and you will love it too, when you venture out of the major cities – In my Japan budget travel course, I can tell you all my favourite off the beaten track places to go and how to get there.

Shiraishi Island is one of my favourite places to travel in Japan – so peaceful and quiet away from the tourist crowded cities. I love this place and here is a short view of Shiraishi Island for you

Travelling around Japan, you have a wide range of options from buses, trains, planes, ferries, bicycles or even walking Pilgrim routes. I like the highway buses as they are cheap, quiet and very easy to travel on with frequent stops along the way. There are also great travel cards that you can buy to use in most of Japan’s major cities.

Do know how many islands are there in Japan? 
Surprise! There are more than 6,805 islands in Japan including the five main islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa. Its total surface area covers 378,000 kilometres.

Want to learn more?
I will be providing lots of great tips on how to travel Japan on a budget at my course on December 1 in Elsternwick, near Melbourne, so book in soon and see you there.

Have a great day and keep smiling
Carole Goldsmith
International journalist and Japan budget travel specialist

Monday, February 6, 2017

Some interesting articles on Kyoto accommodation, Tokyo and Japan cycling business

Hi All, 

Sometimes I share links to some great articles on Japan travel. 

Here they are: 

How to stay at a Kyoko Ryokan

Tokyo Cheapo 

A three day itinerary in Tokyo for those who don't like itineraries. 

Tokyo Cheapo 

A three day itinerary in Tokyo for those who don't like itineraries.

Tokyo Cheapo You Tube video

Terrie's Take 

Long time Japan resident, technology and business entrepreneur, Terrie Lloyd writes some interesting travel and business articles on his weekly Terrie's Take.

This week, he shares how his company is getting into the cycling business

Skiing in Japan 

If you are heading for skiing in Japan, check out JNTO's site on skiing in Japan.

Enjoy and have a great day. 

Carole Goldsmith 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Working on an E book on Japan on a Budget for Business

By Carole Goldsmith ©Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved  

A lot of business people ask me for tips on travelling Japan on a budget, so I am currently editing an ebook that I have written on Japan on a budget, with a range of tips for business. 

As I have been doing research for business articles across Asia and especially in Japan, I have collected many tips for both travellers and business people. 

The e book will cover accommodation, transport, luggage transfer, eating out, free trade deals and lots of facts and figures on doing business in Japan, including cross cultural awareness. 

I am aiming for the end of February 2017 as the completion date. 

If you want me to contact you when the English version of the e book is ready, please let me know. 

The book will also be translated into Korean and Chinese progressively so I will keep you posted on its progress. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

For Skiing and Snowboarding enthusiasts going to Japan

JNTO has some great information on skiing in Japan.

Here is an article on snowboarding in Japan on a budget

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Which travel pass is best for your Japan travels.

By Carole Goldsmith Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved

My favourite and most convenient pass for traveling in most of Japan's major cities is the Suica Pass.

Suica card

Which major cities you can use your Suica card across Japan. It has different names in other cities - e.g. Pasco. 

Check on the list below in this link to see which major cities you can use across Japan.

Here is a video on how to buy Suica card and how to top it up.

How to Buy and Use a Suica

How to return your Suica and Pasco card

This article outlines the Japan Rail Pass and the Willer Bus Pass.

The biggest issue I have with the Japan Rail Pass if that it is a consecutive day pass and you may not want to travel every day to get your money's worth.

Platt Kodoma 

If you only want to use the Shinkansen or bullet train occasionally as you may be staying in the one area for a few days, then the Platt Kodoma may suit you. It's pronounced Puratto Kodoma.

You need to buy this the day before you travel at the listed travel agencies on the website.

You will pay around 2/3 the cost of a normal cost of a Shinkansen ticket but this includes your seat

The two low cost carriers I have used across Japan are Peach and Jetstar Japan.

Both are good low cost carriers.

Best wishes

Carole Goldsmith

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Some news on Japan from Business Travel

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