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Enjoy Korea’s Walking Trails and Beaches this Summer

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Enjoy Korea’s Walking Trails and Beaches this Summer

Looking for outdoor adventures and the warmth of summer in Asia right now, then South Korea has it all.  With the peninsula surrounded by beautiful beaches and mountains covering seventy percent of the country, Korea offers it all for adventurous visitors.
Hiking in one of Korea’s seventeen national parks can be challenging and offers the chance to commune with the beauty of nature and enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery.  All of Korea’s national parks have well marked and safe trails, hiking is a national pastime in Korea and you won’t be alone, you will meet many locals along the trails especially on weekends.
Recently the 274km Jirisan Dulegil Mountain Trail located in Jirisan National Park in central Korea was fully opened.  Comprising twenty-two courses, the trail meanders through old villages and forests, and over the hills and along rivers and valleys thereby connecting nature and humans. In Cheonghakdong, known as the Village of the Blue Crane you can see how the villagers have maintained their traditional lifestyle over many years.
On Korea’s semi-tropical island of Jeju, the Jeju Olle Walking Trail offers a way to enjoy the land’s stunning scenery as you walk.  With its unique and dramatic volcanic landscape and islands, Jeju is a natural paradise.  The Jeju Olle Walking Trail has over 200km of connected walking paths which can be divided into thirteen one day walks.  The paths take hikers through mountainous regions, along the coast with its dramatic black lava cliffs and sparkling blue ocean below to some of the most remote spots on the island.  Along the way you’ll get a chance to meet some of Jeju’s warm-hearted locals as well as sample some of the island’s specialty dishes.
If you are visiting Seoul and wanting to escape the city for a day, then the Bukhansan Dulle-gil Walking trail (70km) connects the forest paths and villages along the foothills of Mt. Bukhansan.  The Bukhansan National Park is a popular destination throughout the year, drawing an impressive five million visitors per year.  It is particularly spectacular in Spring and Autumn when the trees turn to gold.  There are 21 sections to the trail which leads hikers through lush forests to temples perched on mountain crags and back into the history of ancient Korea.
Summer in Korea is also time to head to the beach and Korea has many beautiful beaches and islands.  For Aussie beach fans who want to swim, sunbathe or watch an unforgettable sunrise or sunset you can do all this in Korea,  Korea is a peninsula surrounded by water so you don’t have to go far to find a nice beach to laze during the summer months.
If you are looking for white sandy beaches head to the eastern coast of Korea which has many beautiful beaches where you can swim, enjoy water sports and enjoy the wide variety of seafood. 
The western coast of Korea has a more rocky coastline with shallow seawater and wide tidal areas.  Here visitors can enjoy all the sea creatures on the tidal flats and the west coast is know for its beautiful sunsets.
Off the southern coast of Korea are countless islands with beautiful beaches.  The Hallyeo National Marine Park is a stunning waterway of islands and rocky outcrops and is accessed from the southern port city of Busan.  Further south is one of the most visited islands of Jeju with its subtropical climate, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees – the Hawaii of Korea.
Korea is a land for all seasons, but summertime can be a wonderful time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the great outdoors.  Combine an adventure the country with a stay in Seoul city and you can have the best of both worlds. 
It is very easy and cheap to travel around Korea, especially with a Korea Railpass   The ten day adult saver pass for 2-5 people travelling together costs A$131, as little as $13.00 a day to move around the country.
To learn more about all the adventures you can have in Korea this summer request a free full colour guidebook from Korea from Korea Tourism Organization Sydney office                  
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