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Where to stay on a budget in Tokyo

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Finding budget accommodation in Tokyo is easy if you know how and where it is.
Listed below are some of the places I have stayed at in Tokyo and these range from the very low cost to  convenient and medium cost business hotels.
Tokyo and surrounding areas Great Tokyo web-sites - what to do, transport, attractions and fun in Tokyo.

Tokyo Backpackers Hotel - New Koyo Hotel  very cheap hotel for Tokyo Rooms small, but OK, common bathroom - usage set times for men and for women, fun place for young and young at heart). Free wi fi if you have your own equipment,  hotel computers available near kitchen for guest's use. Single rooms Y 2300 per night (Japanese/Western) Semi Double Rooms are Y4000yen per night (for a total of 2 people ) - price includes tax and service charge. About 15 minutes walk from Minami Senju station but full details are on the map.

Check out the other hotels on your walk to the station
There are quite a few cheap hotels nearby on the walk to the station, so go to the area and check them out. You can get some great bargains for Y2,500 - Y3,500 a night around that location. Ask the hotel staff if you can check out the rooms.

Other budget accommodation in the centre of Tokyo

Tokyo Central Youth Hostel (formerly Tokyo International Youth Hostel)
This new youth hostel opened in April 2011 and is located in the center of Tokyo. Only one minute walk from the west exit  of JR Iidabashi Station on the JR Sobu Line. Located on the 18th floor of the building, you get a great view of Tokyo and its sky scrapers. I stayed at this Youth Hostel when it was the Tokyo International Youth Hostel and it was run very professionally like a business hotel. Rooms are dormitory style with bunk beds, sheets included, visitor's tax added, male/female rooms (not coed) Y 3360.00 (per night, per bed).  Private Room 3 beds, Sheets included 10080.00 JPY (per night, per room)

Supermarket on the first floor of the building and lots of cheap to medium priced restaurants located in the main street  - head out the front of the building, turn left and cross the street at the first traffic lights on your right. Head down the street and look for the coin in the slot restaurants - they are a real bargain.

The Yoyogi YH is in the National Youth Center and is next to Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine. All the rooms are single rooms at this YH. Price is Y 3000 per night and Y 600 for non YH members.

Toyoko Inn.

The Toyoko Inn chain provides comfortable business hotel rooms with en suite bath rooms and located across Japan. Prices are around Y7,400 single - Y9000 double in major cities and around Y5,500 single, $7500 double in country areas. Quiet rooms, very clean and well run, free breakfast, TV, internet connection in room, computers in foyer, very easy to book.  Cleaning done at hotels from 10.00 AM to 3:00 PM . Become member for Y1500 and when you stay 10 nights at any Toyoko Inn, you get one night free, also discounts on first Monday and Sundays if Toyoko Inn member
I reccommend and have stayed at Toyoko Inn Ikebukuro Kita Guchi No 1. 
Located around ten minute's walk from Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo and the Narita Express (to and from Narita Airport) leaves from this station. Tell the staff your estimated arrival time, when you make your booking and I suggest that you call from airport to confirm your new arrival time if that differs from what you booked on line. Also there is a great salad shop and supermarket nearby. Cheaper accommodation available in the next street Great location. See map on the above website on how to get to hotel.
Many restaurants in the streets surrounding Ikebukuro Station.

If you want a rest from the bright lights of Tokyo then Kakegawa is the answer, escape to Kakegawa in the country located between Tokyo and Osaka.
Toyoko Inn in Kakegawa is very near to Kakegawa Shinkansen station and Kakegawa JR station, also great hotel, very friendly staff and delicious breakfast - the best Miso and vegetable soup i have ever tasted. Located in the Shizuoka region, Kakegawa is around 90 KM west of Mt Fuji and roughly half way between Osaka and Tokyo. Wonderful place to visit, quiet and lots of tourist attractions… bird park, flower garden buffet, hot springs and Dr Fish, castle and much more…. See Mt Fuji on your way back to Tokyo. Opened March 2010 so lovely fresh and new hotel with Hotel swipe cards for added security.

Supermarket around 15 minute walk and plenty of restaurants in the main street,

Check out the new Toyoko Inn new hotel openings too for great opening specials New Tokyo Toyoko Inn opening in April 2012
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