Monday, December 12, 2011

Congrats - Parramatta - outdoor dining, bus shelters and Taxi Stands Smoke Free

It is about time Japanese government and restaurant owners made inside and outside their restaurants smoke free.  Then tourists like us won't have to breath in the toxic chemicals, carcinogenic contaminants from second hand tobacco smoke

In Australia, restaurants are not only smoke free, but progressive city councils like the City of Parramatta, west of Sydney, are banning smoking outside restaurants, and at bus shelters and taxi stands. Congratulations to the City of Parramatta, lets help they do that in Melbourne, Sydney and other states in Australia and right across Japan. 

 Smokefree alfresco policy a breath of fresh air 

for Parramatta diners and workers  


Parramatta City Council’s decision last night (December 12) to adopt a smokefree alfresco dining policy will improve health, protect employees and children, and will be popular and good for business, say employee and health groups.
The SmokeFree Australia coalition* of 11 health and employee organisations has welcomed the Council vote to make outdoor dining licenses conditional on being 100% smokefree by 1 May 2012 – with incentives to venues to make the change earlier.
Parramatta also voted to make bus shelters and taxi stands smokefree, and to urge the NSW government to legislate statewide to end smoking in dining and other crowded public places.
Says SmokeFree Australia co-ordinator Stafford Sanders: “Parramatta’s diners, including children, and also the staff at these workplaces, will breathe a big smokefree sigh of relief that they can now eat and work free of tobacco’s toxic, carcinogenic contaminants.
“This is a popular move - Council’s surveys of community opinion have consistently showed a high level of popular support for removing tobacco smoke contamination from food service areas.
“Dining venues will soon realise that going smokefree will not help rather than harm their trade – many families will come back to outdoor dining in Parramatta, which is really Sydney’s demographic hub.
“We congratulate Parramatta City Council, and especially Councillor Michael McDermott who has provided courageous leadership on this issue.
“We also commend Council staff for their efforts in gathering the evidence to confirm the level of community support – which is so strong that the policy will need little enforcement.
“Smokers will comply with little objection, as most of them accept that smoking should only be allowed where it doesn’t risk harm to others - especially children and staff who have no realistic choice but to be in these crowded places.
“We call on all other councils, including Sydney City, to follow the example of the 32 NSW councils that have acted responsibly to protect their communities and workplaces.”  

* SmokeFree Australia   coalition for safe workplaces   (see weblink:’03)
Action on Smoking and Health Australia; Australian Council of Trade Unions; Australian Council on Smoking and Health;
Australian Medical Association; Cancer Council Australia; Heart Foundation; Lung Institute of WA;
Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance; Musicians’ Union of Australia; Non-Smokers’ Movement of Australia; United Voice

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