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Korea is just a short ferry or plane trip from Japan  
  By  Jennifer Doherty, PR/Marketing Manager, KTO Sydney office
Most people would agree there’s nothing better than discovering a freebie on your travels.  In Korea you can find many free experiences like free walking tours etc but the latest offer allows tourists to travel to one of Korea’s most popular tourist cities absolutely free.
An exclusive free shuttle bus for foreign passport holders is operating between Seoul and Jeonju from this March until the 25th August, 2013.  The Seoul-Jeonju shuttle bus that operated last year to promote ‘Visit Jeonbuk Year’ contributed significantly to an increase of visitors to the region so authorities have decided to offer the free shuttle bus service again to encourage more foreign visitors to visit Jeonju city and the surrounding region.
The free shuttle bus service runs both ways three times a week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The shuttle bus is entirely free of charge and reservations can only be made online, One person can reserve a maximum of two seats only.  Bookings can be made via the following website: 
Of all the cultural gems of Jeonju, perhaps the most celebrated is the Jeonju Hanok Village. Designated as one of the top places to visit in 2011, the Jeonju Hanok Village encompasses about 700 homes and represents the largest cluster of hanok (Korean traditional houses) in Korea.
Jeonju also has several important cultural assets and facilities like the Gyeonggijeon Shrine, Omokdae Pavilion, and Hyanggyo (Confucian school). Jeonju is one of Korea’s ‘slow cities’ and is a great place for tourists to immerse themselves in the history and traditions of Korea.
Jeonju city is well known for the best quality food in the country and even Koreans travel there for the high standard of its cuisine.  It’s a great place to try the Jeonju Bibimbap (mixed rice & vegetable dish) or perhaps enjoy a feast with Jeonju Hanjeongsik, the thirty or more dish special banquet.
Besides food Jeonju offers a wealth of small museums including the Hanji (Korean traditional paper) Museum, Traditional Wine Museum, Calligraphy Museum and more.  It also hosts the annual Jeonju Bibimbap Festival, the Hanji Culture Festival and an International Sori (music) festival annually.
So, if you are planning a visit to Korea this year, make sure you take advantage of the free shuttle bus to Jeonju city.  After a few days in Seoul, Jeonju will offer a peaceful respite from the busy capital city and give you the opportunity to learn more about Korea’s history and culture in the Jeonju Hanok Village.
Further details of the Jeonju Hanok Village:

Dated: 7 March, 2013
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