Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kitten on the owl in Tokyo causes photo frenzy

By Carole Goldsmith © Copyright 2011-All Rights Reserved.

Surprise, there was a new celebrity star at Ikebukuro station in Tokyo when I was there last April.  It caused an absolute photo frenzy. A black kitten sitting on the head of the owl sculpture at Ikebukuro station, was surrounded by a crowd of excited people.

Amid sounds of "kawai" or "cuto" (cute), there were mobile phone cameras everywhere snapping the little star. Kitty sat there calmly miowing and cleaning herself lapping up the attention for around five minutes . The crowd gathered and Kitty was sitting put, relaxed with around 1000 happy snappers clicking away on their cameras and mobile phones.

All of a sudden came a hand to the side of kitty. The cat's owner collected the star of the day and out the station they went with the cat sitting calmly on the owner's head, probably getting ready for a fish dinner.

An exciting end to the day's busy schedule. Now I just need to find that photo of the celebrity of the day. 

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