Monday, December 12, 2011

Gifu Park - in the sky and time to meditate

By Carole Goldsmith © Copyright 2011 - 2012 - All Rights Reserved

I love Gifu Park, beautiful Japanese Gardens, floral displays when I was there this November and surrounded by the forest of Mt Kinka.  The weather was perfect 22 degrees celcius, so I took the challenge and rode the Kinka Ropeway (cable car) to the top of Mt Kinka. Once at the top, it was quite cool so I walked briskly along the quiet pathway, surrounded by magnificent greenery and stopped to meditate at one of the benches. The Gifu Castle and the Castle Museum were well worth a look. 

In the grounds of the gardens are the Gifu City Museum of History and the Nawa Insect Museum that I will have to see, next time I am in Gifu. I walked up to the red pagoda that you can see below . I was so peaceful up the top of the mountain, I stayed there for five hours before I came back down on the cable car for a cool ice cream and besides, it was time to return to the gardens. 

Gifu is a very peaceful town and just 20 minutes from Nagoya Station to Gifu Station by the JR Tokaido Line.For more details see


  1. Wow! Very Natsukashi for me. I used to live in the apartment building next to Gifu Park near the Nawa Insect Museum. It is a beautiful park in all seasons and I highly recommend it as a tourist destination. I used to climb the mountain 1-2 twice a week for exercise. I also recommend the Ukai fishing a little further down the road on the Nagaragawa during summer.

    Japan Australia

  2. What a lovely park! I should go there sometime.