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International Garden Expo 2013 Suncheon, Korea

More news from Jenny at Korean Tourism. She sent it to me a while back and just getting time to post it. Korea is so close to Japan, you might as well see both coun tries. 

International Garden Expo 2013 runs April to October in Suncheon, Korea

Korea’s ecological capital, Suncheon is set to  host an International Garden Expo – ‘Garden of the Earth’ from 20 April to 20 October, 2013. Suncheon Bay, an area already regarded as one of the world’s top five coastal wetlands is gearing up to host the Expo for the six month period next year.
Over the past 150 years, International Garden Expos have been recognised throughout Europe, United States and Japan.  They have been developed mainly as a means of urban restoration and environmental planning and protection for the future.
With Suncheon city hosting the Expo in 2013 the city hopes to further boost the already existing value of the Suncheon Bay area, one of the world most famous coastal wetlands.
Suncheon Bay is located on the southern coast of the Korean peninsula and is well known for its wetlands where 230 million migratory birds arrive annually.
The 152 hectare garden area will comprise several zones including The Scenery of the World, the Breathing Greens Zone, Nature and Fairytales and the Hope of Wetlands Zone.
The Scenery of the World Zone will have a Tree Zone, a Water Bird Zone, Flower Road Zone.  The Breathing Greens Zone is all about forests & traditional gardens.  Nature and Fairytales will include Dutch and American gardens while the Hope of Wetlands Zone covers the Suncheon Bay Ecological Park.
Suncheon city is located on the south coast approximately 2.5 hours by KTX fast train from the capital city of Seoul.  From Busan, Korea’s seaport and second largest city it takes two hours by bus. 
Nearby Suncheon there are many interesting sights and cultural activities to enjoy to  learn much more about the history and culture of Korea.  Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Boseong Green Tea fields and experience a traditional Korean tea ceremony or pay a visit to one of Korea’s most beautiful temples Songgwangsa, one of the most important Zen Buddhist monasteries in the country.  Also nearby visitors can enjoy the Nakan-Eupsong Folk Village which displays village life as it was under the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. It has wonderful preserved castle walls, thatched cottages, inns and a market place.
For further information on the International Garden Expo 2013 Suncheon, Korea visit the official website:  http://www.2013expo.or.kr  and click on the English pages.  Here you can learn more about the six month event and also discover all the surrounding sights and activities to enjoy.
Dated:  5 December, 2012
Further information:  Jennifer Doherty, PR/Marketing Manager, KTO Sydney office
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