Saturday, November 15, 2014

Answers to traveler's questions on Japan on a budget

These are some answers to a traveler's questions on 

                           Japan on a budget 

By Carole Goldsmith 

Copyright Carole Ann Goldsmith © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Japan Rail Pass is useful when travelling long distance and can only be used on JR trains, buses and ferries. 

Flying with Jetstar/ Peach  is generally much cheaper from major city to city than going by Shinkansen or Bullet Train. 

Suica Pass is suitable in major cities across Japan.

Kansai Pass suitable for Kansai travel

Driving is waste of time and can be difficult traveling long distance in Japan. 

Use the Willer overnight buses if you want to go by road instead of air or Shinkansen 

Kyoto - stay in Osaka at Osaka Chuo Oasis and use either Kansai Pass or Suica Pass to travel to Kyoto and surrounds.  

Remember to go to Shiraishi Island - catch Kazaoka bus from OCAT Namba station in Osaka. 

Enjoy for travels in Japan

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