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Which travel pass is best for your Japan travels.

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My favourite and most convenient pass for traveling in most of Japan's major cities is the Suica Pass.

Suica card


Which major cities you can use your Suica card across Japan. It has different names in other cities - e.g. Pasco. 

Check on the list below in this link to see which major cities you can use across Japan.


Here is a video on how to buy Suica card and how to top it up.

How to Buy and Use a Suica


How to return your Suica and Pasco card


This article outlines the Japan Rail Pass and the Willer Bus Pass.


The biggest issue I have with the Japan Rail Pass if that it is a consecutive day pass and you may not want to travel every day to get your money's worth.

Platt Kodoma 

If you only want to use the Shinkansen or bullet train occasionally as you may be staying in the one area for a few days, then the Platt Kodoma may suit you. It's pronounced Puratto Kodoma.


You need to buy this the day before you travel at the listed travel agencies on the website.

You will pay around 2/3 the cost of a normal cost of a Shinkansen ticket but this includes your seat

The two low cost carriers I have used across Japan are Peach and Jetstar Japan.

Both are good low cost carriers.

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