Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jagalchi in Busan - poor animals stuck in cages in pet shops - just like Japan.

Carole Goldsmith, Copyright 2010

Today I went to Jagalchi, only a few subways stops from Busan Station in Korea. After buying a couple of jackets and caps, I wandered on towards the market area. On the way I passed three pet shops and one more further down the road. Poor young cats and dogs stuck in cages on display for potential buyers, just like the pet shops in Japan. The poor little animals in the cages, some without even mats in their cages jut laying on the cold wire of the cages. Many looking around and probably hoping that they would get out of their cages soon.

Why does Korea and Japan persist in keeping poor little animals in cages in pet shops when people should be buying dogs and cats from refuge shelters for lost animals.

In Japan I also saw female dogs, stuck in cages for non stop breeding and they hardly ever get out of the cages. This should be banned as well as the poor animals, probably a result of breeding, who are stuck in cages in pet shops in Japan and Korea.

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