Monday, October 4, 2010

Battle of the Wasabi Loaded Nori Roll

By Carole Goldsmith Copyright © 2005 – 2010  All Rights Reserved

Written June 2008
Lined up in five teams of eight battlers each, it is a race to choose the team leader who has taken a bite of the wasabi loaded nori roll and can hold it their mouth for five minute As the five chosen leaders start to consume their nori roll slowly, the teams have to choose which leader has taken the one and only nori roll with half a teaspoon of wasabi concealed inside.

The person with the wasabi loaded nori roll whose mouth is probably burning by now, must not show their distress, in fact they must not show any reaction at all.

If you have ever had a half teaspoon of wasabi in your mouth, you would know that this is a very difficult food to conceal as your eyes water and your face goes somewhat red. The race is on as the whole room full of people survey the five leaders, one and one only has the wasabi in their mouth... but no-one is showing any signs or calling out hot.. atsui desu.

Each of the five teams make their selection, but is any one correct? Team three have picked the leader with the wasabi loaded nori roll who agrees to the deed and promptly drinks a tall glass of iced water.
Then it is time for a new group of team leaders to try the task - It is all part of fun of an end of the term Japanese school party in Wombat Land (Australia). Lots of Sushi (Japanese) and Wombats (Australians) gather together to play some Japanese fun games and practice English and Japanese. Meanwhile it is time for the teams to pick a new leader for the next exciting battle of the wasabi loaded nori roll. Stay tuned for more Japanese school party games.

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