Monday, October 4, 2010

Know the characters for male and female in Japan - especially in the bathroom.

By Carole Goldsmith Copyright ©  2010 , All Rights Reserved

When visiting Japan, you really need to know the characters for male and female in the bathroom. I remember staying at Yoyogi Youth Hostel in Tokyo and I was getting ready for my evening bath in the same bathroom as the previous evening.

It was the female bathroom the night before, so I just assumed that it would be the correct bath-room...... wrong,

I soon found out that it was the wrong bathroom as a group of Singaporean students came bounding in the bathroom and said that I was in the male bathroom and I should learn the characters for male and female.

Sure enough the manager of the hostel had changed the Japanese signs so that the male and female bathrooms had traded places.

I certainly learnt the symbols for male and female in Japanese after that funny experience

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