Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carole's Japan on a Budget courses coming soon

By Carole Ann Goldsmith Copyright 2011 All rights Reserved.

My very popular Japan on a Budget courses at the CAE in Melbourne, Australia are coming up again in May, July and August.

Here is the description and the web-link to the dates.


International freelance journalist Carole Goldsmith, has been travelling Japan ‘budget style’ for over 20 years. She will provide tips on preparing for the trip, valuable web-sites and an insight into Japanese cross - cultural awareness. Carole will also guide you through a range of budget travel and accommodation in the major cities as well as in villages away from the main tourist areas. Join Carole on her trip around Japan from the far north of Hokkaido, through to the southern island of Kyushu. Enjoy the local foods, the friendly people, the exciting, fast moving cities, the beautiful countryside and the wonderful culture of Japan.

Look forward to seeing you in my courses. With tours starting up again in Japan and the country slowly getting back to normal after the disaster, I will enjoy showing you how to travel Japan on a budget.



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