Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hong Kong discounted tours to Japan starting up again

By Carole Ann  Goldsmith Copyright  All Rights Reserved

Greetings from Vietnam where I am travelling and researching business articles for a month.

Japan has experienced the worst disaster ever, and I have been praying for the friends and families of people who lost their lives in the Tsunami and earthquake on March 11.  There have been extreme power shortages in Tokyo and north in the disaster affected areas. Everyone is hoping for the return to normality.

Good news for Japan's very affected tourism industry. I saw on TV recently that a major Hong Kong travel agency was resuming tours to Japan in mid April. These tours are heavily discounted to encourage people to join them. The tour groups will travelling to Osaka and western areas, which were not affected by the disaster.

So that is great to hear that groups are booking in for these tours and this will help Japanese tourism recover from the last month's extreme difficulties.



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