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Transport your luggage with ease with Kuroneko - Yamato Transport. .

Transport your luggage with ease with Kuroneko - Yamato Transport. 

By Carole Goldsmith - Copyright © 2014 / 2015 - All rights reserved 

Having your luggage transported from hotel to hotel or  from the airport to your hotel or home, makes traveling in Japan, so easy.  No more luggage to carry on transport, it is transported for you at a very economical cost by one of Japan's leading transport providers - Kuroneko or Black cat - Yamato transport.

You can see the Kuroneko or Black Cat symbol on yellow background at hotels and convenience stores throughout Japan in your travels. This excellent economical luggage transport service will assist you greatly in your travel.

Ask your hotel or local convenience store to make the booking with Kuroneko or book it yourself if your Japanese is good enough. Arrange the booking and have your luggage ready the morning or the day before you are traveling to ensure its delivery in time to your next destination.

I have used this service many times in Japan to transport my luggage from one hotel to the other or to the airport. This has been arranged by the hotel staff.  Also I have booked the service through my local convenience store when I lived in the Tokyo suburbs and booked it through to Narita airport in Tokyo. At airports ask airport staff for directions to Kuroneko / Yamato Transport or TA-Q-BIN. See more below on TA-Q-BIN.

Kuroneko is economical, fast and oh so  convenient. My friends have used it to transport their ski equipment and luggage from the Japanese ski fields to Narita airport.

TA-Q-BIN or door to door next day delivery service.
TA-Q-BIN is a next day delivery service (excluding certain areas) which sends your parcel or luggage to anywhere in the country, 365 days a year.

The delivery rates are here, but you will probably find it a lot easier to call and book or get your local hotel or convenience store to arrange the booking. The price will depend on the size of the item,

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